Sunday, January 26, 2014

Here I come again with a dish which most of us like.
That's Pizza.
I have prepared pizza lots of times , but never prepared the base. I always get ready-made pizza and then add toppings of my choice .
I usually add egg to my pizza. But i don't know if its the actual method. But egg in pizza tastes good .

Here's the recipe with Indian twist.

Ingredients :

Pizza base : 10 cm diameter ( its better if u get a bigger base )
Tomato Ketchup : 2 Tbsp
Red Chilly sauce : 1 Tbsp
Green Chilly Sauce : 1 Tbsp
Mozarella Cheese : 100g
Egg : 1 
Chicken : 100 g Boneless
Green Chilly : 1
Red Chilly : 1 
Onion : 7-8 long slices
Tomato : 6-7 Long pieces

Preparation :
  • Cut chicken in to small cubes and marinate it with salt , red chilly powder and turmeric for half n hr. Add few drops of oil in pan, and fry the small chicken pieces. Then keep aside.
  • Heat 1 tbsp oil in a non stick pan, Break an egg to it , then add pinch of salt and pepper powder. Just stir it so that egg breaks in to small pieces
  • Grate cheese and keep it
  • Cut green and red chilly horizontally to make small circles.
  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees
Method :
  • Take the oven stand out. 
  • Place the Pizza base over the stand.
  • Then spread tomato ketchup evenly till the sides.Then spread green and red chilly sauce evenly.
  • On top of that spread grated mozarella cheese evenly,
  • Then add egg which we prepared and chicken pieces too.
  • Then add rest of the toppings tomatoes, onion, red and green chillies.
  • Again spread cheese over this.
  • Finally add chilly flakes.
  • Now place the pizza in the oven once the oven is preheated.
  • Heat for about 8-9 mins. If you feel its not cooked place one more minute.
  • Remove from oven and then cut using pizza cutter.
If you are using microwave , use grill mode. Rest of the settings are same as that of oven.



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