Sunday, November 10, 2013

Here comes the part where my profession and passion merge together . As a doctor these are the diet advice I give for people with diabetes.

Diabetes is a condition in which our body doesn't produce insulin or the produced insulin is not sufficient to bring down the glucose level ( sugar) .

And the mainstay of the treatment along with medications  is with diet and exercise . Following good diabetic diet plan is necessary to keep the sugar level within the normal range.
These are the few diet modifications a diabetic should make.
  •  Limit the intake of carbohydrate(sugar) in your  diet.
  • Take small meals at regular intervals . Avoid eating large meals as it increases the blood glucose levels.
  • Include high fiber food items in your diet , also take vegetable and fruits .
  • As diabetes can lead to heart attack and stroke decreasing fat intake is also recommended
  • Exercise regularly , at least 2 times a week each session lasting for about 30 mins . If you are on insulin or sulfonylureas( glipizide , glyburide ) make sure you keep some glucose with you while exercising incase of hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar ).
  • Reduce salt intake , cut down on your alcohol .
These are the few basic  diet and lifestyle changes that you can do if you have diabetes .
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